Questions Before You Move In

ChecklistLandlord Questions:

  • Are there any application fees?
  • How long is the lease?
  • After the initial term of the lease, will I need to renew for a year or will I be able to lease month to month?
  • What are the lease-breaking fees?
  • Are there penalties for late payments? What are they?
  • How much is the security deposit? How much of the deposit is returned at the end of the lease? What will prevent me from getting my security deposit back?
  • What utilities are included in the rent?
  • What is the approximate cost for utilities that are not included in the rent?
  • Is parking included in the rent or are there additional parking fees?
  • How is routine maintenance completed for the unit? Are maintenance people on call 24 hours a day? If not, who should I call if there is an emergency?
  • Are there any additional fees for using the pool or gym?
  • Am I allowed to have pets? If I don’t have one now, and I get one at a later date, will my lease change?

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